"Now these [Berean] Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so" (Acts 17:11 ESV). 


Apologetics Press is an organization to make available scripturally sound and scientifically accurate materials in the field of Christian apologetics. The website contains a wealth of Biblical study materials, documents, PDFs, Books, videos, etc. They are an important resource for academic and casual study. AP publishes  Reason & Revelation Newsletter, Discovery Magazine, Bible Class Curriculum, Home Study Courses, a Defending the Faith Study Bible, and even provide speakers for events. Most of their materials are free. 

The Apologetics Press URL is http://apologeticspress.org/default.aspx. Click on their image to access this valuable information.

World Bible School mission is to share the Good News of Jesus with the world’s lost by motivating and equipping everyday Christians to use interactive Bible studies effectively. They offer Bible Correspondence Courses in print and online free of charge to any that ask. Their courses teach the simple straight-forward Word of God. They also offer their services to prisons worldwide. They publish study Bibles that are extremely reasonable, including a prison version. My wife and I provide inmates with these Bibles when requested.  

The World Bible School URL is https://www.worldbibleschool.org. Click on their image to access this valuable information. For more information go to  https://www.worldbibleschool.net

World Video Bible School makes teaching and evangelism materials for the church’s use worldwide. They have an impressive prison ministry and although they have a store to purchase materials, they provide many materials free. The store supports their ministry to provide free materials to those that need. Not only that, they have a free online Bible School and many videos. Importantly, they are committed to producing and distributing excellent quality, scripturally sound, inexpensively priced Bible study material through video, audio and the written page. We have personal experience with WVBS and their ministry.

The WVBS URL is https://wvbs.org is  or click on the image to access their webpage.

In Search of the Lord's Way is a ministry of the Edmond Oklahoma Church of Christ. Their SearchTV programs are widely distributed and shown in most TV markets. Phil Sanders succinctly preaches Scriptural sermons based on God's Holy Word. The website has an Interactive Station Map to find their TV program schedule and Interactive Church Map. Additionally you can watch the program on uTube and download them in video, podcast, and written form. My wife and I watch In Search of the Lord's Way each week. Through the years of watching Mack Lyon and Phil Sanders, every sermon we've heard is Biblically sound.

The URL is http://www.searchtv.org/index.html or click on the image to access their web page..

House to House - Heart to Heart publishes a newsletter for churches to provide for residents in their local area. Additionally, they operate a website that contains many Bible study sources. Like those organizations above Heart to Heart teaches Biblically sound and encouraging lessons. I've read Heart to Heart Newsletter for years and again, everything I've read is Biblically sound.

The URL is https://housetohouse.com or click on the image to access their web page.

The Washington Street Church of Christ, located in Warrensburg Missouri, offers an amazing quantity of study and research materials free of charge. They are a Bible-based nondenominational, non-instrumental Bible believing church composed of Christians who are striving for the furtherance of the gospel. They strive to have a restoration plea that says, “Let us get back to the Bible, throwing off denominational names and creeds to just be Christians. Let us speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent.” The website is user friendly and easy to navigate. 

The URL is http://wscoc.weebly.com or click on the image to access their web page.